Brief History

The New Eton College was founded in 1932 by Late Goinsamy Venkatasamy. His objective was to set up a school for the common people, while the country was experiencing discriminatory practices and deprivation of the people on ethnic grounds in schools run by the colonial government.

The College was owned by the Societe Goinsamy Venkatasamy and managed by Mr Vijay Venkatasamy until 1987. In 1987, the school was acquired by the New Citizens Co Ltd (NCCL), a company constituting the staff of the New Eton College.

The first manager of the school under the NCCL was Mr Seegobin Nunkoo, previously an Education Officer teaching Law in the school. Mr Mahendranath Rakhal was appointed Principal in 1987, who became the first Rector in 1989.

Today, the school is run by the New Citizens Co Ltd with a Board constituting Educators and Ex-Educators, managed by a professional manager appointed by the company.

Significant Achievements

The NEC was known for its foresighted education in the pre-1977 period. In the 1960s onwards, the College had pioneered the introduction of a number of new disciplines in the secondary school curriculum. These were meant to provide an innovative and employment-oriented curriculum. The subjects were:

Technical Drawing, Surveying, Electricity and Electronics, Economics, Physical Science, Statistics, Sociology, Law

The college encouraged a broad-based curriculum offering both the Sciences and the Social science strands to students. It advocated a basic education for the holistic development of the child.

The changes could not be sustained when the college went under public financing through the PSSA in 1977. However, its pioneering initiatives in the curriculum were maintained in the post 1977 period, which were emulated by many other secondary schools, including State-owned schools.

Today, a number of the ex-students of the NEC still occupy prominent positions in the field of statistics, law, legal profession, engineering and technology. The school continues to enjoy the support of a rich alumni as role models for the aspiring generation of learners.